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Lagos offers excellent conditions for diving whatever level or purpose of the diver.
From the reefs of Porto de Mos to the anchors and caves of Ponta da Piedade, through the sinking of the Ocean Revival underwater park, you can select the dive you prefer - or even organize a diving holiday with something new to see every day!

Ocean Revival

O maior recife artificial do mundo

Wreck diving. Four Portuguese Navy ships prepared for recreational diving were sunk to create the world's largest artificial reef. 18 to 30 meters, just 15 minutes from Lagos by boat.

Oceanic Patrol Zambeze
Oliveira e Carmo Corvette
Hidrográfico ship Almeida Carvalho
Comandante Hermenegildo Capelo Frigate

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Porto de Mós

Reefs and macro life

The Porto de Mos Bay reefs provide dives filled with marine life. Large rock formations, walls with cracks where we always find congers, lobsters, shrimps, crabs and many other animals that fill this reef with life.

Some of the sites:

Porto de Mos walls | Cortinas | Pedras Altas

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Ponta da Piedade

Probably the place with most anchors in all of the Algarve

Ponta da Piedade is a geographical point of extreme importance for navigation, and also offers excellent diving conditions. Their position and size influence the sea entering the Atlantic and protects all ofvLagos Bay.

In bad weather its not and advisable place for boats, as evidenced by the nearly 200 anchors already found in the area. Additionally, the formations allow passing from one side to the other through small caves with luminous exits visible from the entry point guarantee a unique dive - always between 5 and 8 meters!

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