Dive Sites

Dive Sites

Our first class dives

Dives usually near the coast, for all levels of divers. The bottom is varied, with rocks, walls and areas with small cracks and crevices, sandy bottoms, wrecks, take your pick! Special attention to the multiple species of flora and fauna, which feature bright colors and delight divers and photographers.

Espichel Sector

Northern diving


Baleeira | A harbor full of life | Depth: 11-18 meters

Paredes do Cabo | A dip to contemplate | Depth: 11-20 m

River Gurara | Wreckage Rebirth| Depth: Bow (26-33 meters), Stern (20-25 meters)

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Sesimbra Sector

Central Sesimbra


Batelão Maria Grécia | The new breackwater left one wreck! | Depth: 8 - 10 meters


Pedra do Meio | Just in front of us! | Depth: 8-14 meters





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Sector Arrábida

South area

Baia da Armação (Armação Bay) | A dive for everyone |  Deep: 4-18 metros

Jardim das Gorgônias (Gorgônias garden) | Color explosion | Deep: 6- 20 metros

Pedra do Leão (Lion stone) | Life in backlight | Deep: 4-15 metros


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