Come dive in Luiz de Saldanha Marine Park

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With its white sands, turquoise waters, a Moorish castle and a fortress on the hillside, this former fishing village is less than an hour from Lisbon.

Sesimbra village has retained its discreet charm with narrow streets, outdoor cafes and a palm-lined promenade on the waterfront.

Water sports, especially diving, guided hikes, bird watching, dinosaur footprints are among the many programs that entertain visitors.

The mouth of the Sado river, the mountains and the Arrábida Natural Park, Cape Espichel, the lagoon of Albufeira and Meco beach are part of the natural landscape of Sesimbra

The Marine Park Prof. Luiz Saldanha, a protected natural resource area at national and European level, with numerous species of fauna and flora that has increased in number and size since the creation of the park in 1998